Robotunits Schutzzaunsysteme

The quick and secure Safety Fence System

The demands for safety devices for the protection of people and machines have never be as tough as they are today. Production requirements that change at an increasingly rapid rate, as well as constant enlargements and adaptations require both flexible and time-saving safety systems. There is nothing as straightforward and as safe as the Robotunits safety fence system: completely prefabricated safety fence elements are ordered and can be easily and quickly assembled by just one person.

Robotunits has further developed the already proven safety fence system and offers two different designs:


The Basic System
The Basic System is the “classic“ among the Robotunits Safety Fence Systems. Simple in application and cheap in price. Ideal for standard applications in machine building and manufacturing automation.


The Allround System
The allround system offers high flexibility. The single panels are simply positioned between the pre-assembled posts, and are assembled as required. The panels can also be easily removed and refitted. This is ideal for creating large openings, for example; when accessibility is required whilst swapping out a machine or during an inspection.


Whether you require wire mesh or polycarbonate, with or without a cutout, glare or splash guards, the Robotunits Safety Fence System offers the right material for your application. All parts of the Robotunits Safety Fence System are compatible with the entire Robotunits Modular Automation System.


Facts Benefits
  • Any combination of elements and systems possible
  • Retaining method and panel inserted without the use of tools
  • The Systems stopping up to “80 kg with 10 km/h”
  • Every safety fence layout possible
  • Time saving through the simple fixing of the panel or mesh into the groove within the extrusion
  • Corresponds to the latest requirements of the automotive industry and of the new European machinery protection directive


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