Omega Linear Motion Units

Precise technology for advanced applications

Used as individual unit or x-y-z gantry for the transport and exact positioning of parts.

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CAD data

  • Omega Linear Motion Unit 50 mm LOL 5010

    Omega Linear Motion Unit 50 mmLinear axis Omega drive LOL5010
    • Base extrusion 50x100 mm (PIL5010)
    • Standard carriage plate 400x150 mm
    • Net weight of drive unit without motor 15 kg
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  • Facts

    • Simple, modular design based on the 50 mm series, Lenghts up to 12 m possible
    • Compatible and integrated with the entire Modular Automation System
    • Hardened guide rails allow high loads
  • Benefits

    • Cost-effective, individually customizable Linear Motion System
    • Short design, assembly and lead times
    • High wear resistance and smooth and quiet operation
  • Standard values

    • Length: up to 6 m
    • Available in 50 mm series extrusions
    • Maximum drive torque: 60 Nm
    • Positioning accuracy: +/-0.2 mm (not including drive backlash)
  • Special features

    • Play-free, datum edge positioning of the guide rail in the extrusion T-slot
    • Expanding coupling
    • Integrated Limit Stop

  • Fully integrated Linear Motion System

    • completely compatible with the entire Modular Automation System
    • belt return inside the extrusion
    • leaves 3 sides of the extrusion free for additional attachments
    • available in 50 mm series
  • It runs and runs and runs ...

    • single or double idlers can be used, depending on the load
    • high strength due to special captive design of idler extrusion
    • large rollers
    • integrated fastening option for Flexible Energy Chain
  • Guiderails instead of guide systems

    • easily mounted guiderails eliminate the need for a separate guide system
    • playfree datum edge positioning
    • hardened, tempered steel guiderail allow heavier loads
    • high wear resistance allows smooth and quiet operation
    • quick and easy assembly
  • Modular design of linear motion units

    • customized linear motion units, from single units to complex 3 axis gantry systems
    • single and multiple guiderails available in one system
    • X-,Y-,Z-combinations possible
    • almost limitless combinations
  • Drive options

    • motor selection tailored to performance requirements
    • minimal design time through expansion coupling system
    • one size pulley for all chassis sizes
  • Protection against damage

    • integrated overrun protection prevents mechanical damage
  • Save time, cut cost

    • easy selection of components
    • easy to order
    • minimal design time required
    • quick and easy attachment of accessories
    • easy installation

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