MBS PickStar SL Accessories

Multifunctional elements designed to fit MBS PickStar SL applications

All accessories are multifunctional and fit not only to an exactly defined component but to all other components in the entire Modular Automation System. This is a basic requirement for a World-Class product range and saves you time in procurement, engineering and assembly.

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CAD data

  • Individual lengths and widths

    • Lane length and width can be easily adjusted
    • No tools needed to change lane width
    • Additional tracks can be added if load requires
  • Adjustable angle

    • Infinitely adjustable angle
    • Track can be attached to the tube clamp in the front, or in the T-slot of the extrusion
    • Brakes can be inserted anywhere on the track to control the speed of the box
  • Safe and rigid design

    • Rigid system through Robotunits Fastening Technology
    • Tight fitting track covers prevent contamination of roller tracks
    • Low noise level due to special gliding bearings
    • Entire construction available for ESD
    • Anti-Reverse can be placed anywhere on the track
    • Colored anti-reverse shows maximum fill level
  • High flexibility

    • Open T-slots can be used to install additional components
    • Tracks can be inserted in any of the Robotunits extrusions
    • Quick assembly without special tools
    • System can be easily adjusted for new requirements
  • System compatible

    • All components fully compatible with the Robotunits Modular Automation System
    • Multifunctional stop elements allow safe in-feed and removal of material
    • Unlimited applications due to 14 mm T-slot
    • Reduced inventory cost due to multifunctional parts
  • Save time, reduce cost

    • Minimal design effort necessary
    • Snap-in connections for quick assembly
    • Minimal training required
    • Individual adjustments possible

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