Conveyor Technology Accessories

Accessories are multifunctional and compatible with the entire Modular Automation System

All accessories are multifunctional and fit not only to an exactly defined component but to all other components in the entire Modular Automation System. This is a basic requirement for a World-Class product range and saves you time in procurement, engineering and assembly.

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CAD data

  • Roller Retainer

    Roller Retainer Roller holder_PIN4532_16
  • Speed Controller CCN 0004

    Speed Controller Connecting hub_CCN0004_16
  • Connection Hub COP 4501

    Connection Hub Connecting hub_COP4501_16
  • Splined Shaft COL 8500

    Splined Shaft Splined shaft_COL8500_16
  • Tilt Plate 80 COL 8500

    Tilt Plate 80 Tilt plate 80_TIN4531_16
  • Tilt Plate 80 Bent TIN 4561

    Tilt Plate 80 Bent Tilt plate 80 mm curved_TIN4541_16
  • Connection Shaft with Couplings TIN 4571

    Connection Shaft with Couplings Connecting shaft_COL5220_16
  • Fine-Tuning and Fixing Element COL 52_0

    Fine-Tuning and Fixing Element Fixing and adjusting part_TIN4501_16
  • Safety Fence Floor Bracket BAP 205__

    Safety Fence Floor Bracket Safety-fence floor bracket_BAP2051_16
  • Anchor Bolt BAP 205__

    Anchor Bolt Anchor bolt_BAP2900_16
  • Leveling Bases BAP 2900

    Leveling Bases Adjustable feet_BAS4008_16
  • Castors

    Castors Rollers_CAS2080_16
  • Facts

    • Universally usable
    • Compatible with the entire Modular Automation System
    • Easy to assemble
  • Benefits

    • Simplifies the ordering process and saves storage costs
    • Retrofitting possible
    • Parts can be reused

  • Cover or fasten

    • universally usable Cover or Insert Extrusion
    • fits 40 mm and 50 mm extrusions
    • suitable for mounting 4 mm to 6 mm thick panels
    • covers T-slots and protects against dust and water spray
    • suitable for cable routing
    • easy to assemble: snap in and go
  • Everything is possible with a single hinge

    • universal hinge fits all applications
    • one hinge for all doors
    • attachment of non-Robotunits components possible
  • Fine-tuning and Fastening element

    • multifunctional Fine-Tuning and Fastening Element
    • form located positioning
    • infinitely adjustable
    • post-assembly insertion possible
  • Unique clamping device allows easy attachment of parts

    • facilitates mounting of 3 mm to 10 mm thick panels without drilling
    • clamping device is quickly mounted by inserting it into the slot
    • no drilling of panels required
    • parts can be reused
    • fits 40 mm and 50 mm extrusions
  • Safety interlocks: quick and secure installation

    • quick and safe installation without the need for additional parts
    • fits 40 mm and 50 mm extrusions
    • easy to install and adjust
    • no drilling or preparing of extrusions needed
    • IP65 protection class in accordance with TEC 529
  • Save time, cut cost

    • multifunctional accessories reduce your cost of ordering and your inventory overhead
    • standard labeling saves even more time in assembly and storage

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