Fastening Technology 50 mm Series

Maximum stability with every connection

Robotunits allows you to connect extrusions without drilling or milling using standard screws and space saving fasteners, which provide equal strength on both sides of the connection. Each connection is play-free, form-fit and centered for fast and accurate assembly.

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CAD data

  • Fastener 50x50 FAS 5051

    Fastener 50x50Verbindungstechnik FAS 5051
    • 90° for 50 mm extrusions
    • Tensile strength up to 4 t (depending on the structure)
    • Electrically conductive version available
  • Single-Sided Fastener 50x50 FAS 5055

    Single-Sided Fastener 50x50FAS5055_16
    • 90° for 50 mm extrusions
    • Tensile strength up to 4 t (depending on the structure)
    • Electrically conductive version available
  • Surface Fastener 50x50 FAS 5059

    Surface Fastener 50x50FAS5059_16
    • Connections to non-Robotunits surfaces
  • End-to-End Fastener 50x50 FAS 5061

    End-to-End Fastener 50x50FAS5061_16
    • For end to end connections of 50 x 50 mm extrusions
    • Thread integrated in connector plate
  • Fastener 100x200 FAS 1021

    Fastener 100x200FAS1021_16
    • 90 ° connection for 100 x 200 mm
  • Facts

    • Worldwide, unique, form-fitting and play-free, centrally aligned Fastening Technology
    • Connect without drilling and milling
    • Two-sided connection with only one fastener
  • Benefits

    • Outstanding process reliability and 100% repeatability
    • Short design and assembly time - easy, post-assembly repositioning
    • Strength comparable to a welded connection
  • Standard values

    • Tensile load of up to 4 tons
    • Connector plate only 15 mm high
    • Vibration-resistant connection

  • One slot size fits all

    • 13 profile shapes in 40 mm and 50 mm extrusion sizes simplify the application
    • large, uniform 14 mm wide and 14mm deep T-slot
    • same T-slot dimensions for all extrusions in the Modular Automation System
    • Post insertion of heavy duty Drop-in Nuts up to M8 possible
  • Maximum stability

    • worldwide unique play-free, accurate and centrally aligned connections
    • single fastener provides up to 4 tons of tensile strength
    • tubular honeycomb structure for outstanding torsion and load resistance
    • maximum stability for all your applications
  • One fastener, double value

    • two-sided fastener provides equal strength on both sides of the connection
    • twice the strength for the price of one
    • no additional connectors needed
    • strength comparable to a welded connection
  • Any hole drilled is one hole too many

    • all connections made without drilling or milling
    • maximum wall thickness in key areas
    • unlimited re-usability
    • for required hole an integrated location groove guarantees precise and straight drilling
  • Stability increases with every turn

    • every turn positions centering inserts tighter into the T-slot
    • absolutely play-free, accurate and centrally aligned connection
    • concave surface of extrusion guarantees durable vibration resistance
    • low fastener height saves space in your design
  • Inserting the drop-in nut

    • Simple and quick insertion of the drop-in nut into the 14 mm wide T-slot
    • leaf spring assembly protects drop-in nut against unintended movement, guaranteed contact surface
    • to position the the drop-in nut, just slide to stop position
  • Anything is possible - even post assembly

    • simple post-assembly integration of struts without dismantling the frame
    • easy repositioning of struts at any time
    • no cutting of existing structures
    • no surface treatment required
  • Save time, cut cost

    • minimum assembly time required
    • simple and quick selection of Extrusion and Fastening Technology
    • no measuring of boreholes and no drawings necessary
    • length of the extrusion is the only measurement needed
    • labeled and tapped extrusions allow immediate assembly

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