Fastening Technology 40 mm and 50 mm Series

More with less - Multifunctional Fastening Technology

The Fastening Technology for the 40 mm and 50 mm series extrusions can be used for the entire Robotunits Modular Automation System.

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CAD data

  • Corner Bracket 40/50 GUS 4501

    Corner Bracket 40/50GUS4501_16
    • 90° connector and strengthening element for 40 mm and 50 mm series extrusions
    • 40/40 mm, 50/50 mm and 40/50 mm series combinations
    • Connections to non-Robotunits extrusions and surfaces
  • Fixing Bracket 35x25 GUS 4651

    Fixing Bracket 35x25GUS4651_sw_16
    • 90° connector and strengthening element
    • Connection to non-Robotunits surfaces
    • Attaching of table tops
  • Corner Bracket 100 GUS 1001

    Corner Bracket 100GUS1001_16
    • 90° connector and strengthening element
    • Centering tabs on both sides
    • Can also be used longitudinally with 40 mm series extrusions
  • Corner Bracket 100, one side centered GUS 1101

    Corner Bracket 100, one side centeredGUS1101_16
    • 90° connector and strengthening element
    • Centering tabs on one side
    • Connection to non–Robotunits surfaces
  • Drop-in Nut TIN 450_

    Drop-in NutTIN4508_16
    • Used for 40 mm and 50 mm series extrusion
    • Self-centering
    • Slip protection (leaf springs)
    • Anti-twist safeguard
  • Inserter TIN 9990

    • Assembly tool for inserting Drop-in Nuts into T-slot.
    • New, with built-in magnet!
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  • T-Nut TIN 60_

    • For 40 mm series and 50 mm series
    • Self-centering
  • T-Nut Bar TIN 4590

    T-Nut BarTIN1000_16
    • Used for specific application with 40 mm and 50 mm series extrusions
    • Material: untreated steel
    • Stock length: 3030 mm or cut to length
  • T-Nut Iin-Line Fastener TIN 0171

    T-Nut Iin-Line FastenerTIN0171_16
    • Used for end-to-end connections of 40 mm and 50 mm series extrusions
    • Material: galvanized steel
  • Miter Fastener TIN 4545

    Miter FastenerTIN4545_16
    • Fasteners for extrusions with miter cuts
    • Material: galvanized steel
  • Special Fastener TIN_000

    Special FastenerTIN4000_16
    • For mounting parts onto Robotunits extrusions where no holes are to be seen from the outside of the assembly
    • Material: galvanized steel, NBR
    • In contrast with all other Robotunits fasteners, this fastener requires drilling
  • Facts

    • Worldwide, unique, form-fitting and play-free, centrally aligned Fastening Technology
    • Connect without drilling and milling
    • Two-sided connection with only one fastener
  • Benefits

    • Outstanding process reliability and 100% repeatability
    • Short design and assembly time - easy, post-assembly repositioning
    • Strength comparable to a welded connection

  • One slot size fits all

    • 13 profile shapes in 40 mm and 50 mm extrusion sizes simplify the application
    • large, uniform 14 mm wide and 14mm deep T-slot
    • same T-slot dimensions for all extrusions in the Modular Automation System
    • Post insertion of heavy duty Drop-in Nuts up to M8 possible
  • Maximum stability

    • worldwide unique play-free, accurate and centrally aligned connections
    • single fastener provides up to 4 tons of tensile strength
    • tubular honeycomb structure for outstanding torsion and load resistance
    • maximum stability for all your applications
  • One fastener, double value

    • two-sided fastener provides equal strength on both sides of the connection
    • twice the strength for the price of one
    • no additional connectors needed
    • strength comparable to a welded connection
  • Any hole drilled is one hole too many

    • all connections made without drilling or milling
    • maximum wall thickness in key areas
    • unlimited re-usability
    • for required hole an integrated location groove guarantees precise and straight drilling
  • Stability increases with every turn

    • every turn positions centering inserts tighter into the T-slot
    • absolutely play-free, accurate and centrally aligned connection
    • concave surface of extrusion guarantees durable vibration resistance
    • low fastener height saves space in your design
  • Inserting the drop-in nut

    • Simple and quick insertion of the drop-in nut into the 14 mm wide T-slot
    • leaf spring assembly protects drop-in nut against unintended movement, guaranteed contact surface
    • to position the the drop-in nut, just slide to stop position
  • Anything is possible - even post assembly

    • simple post-assembly integration of struts without dismantling the frame
    • easy repositioning of struts at any time
    • no cutting of existing structures
    • no surface treatment required
  • Save time, cut cost

    • minimum assembly time required
    • simple and quick selection of Extrusion and Fastening Technology
    • no measuring of boreholes and no drawings necessary
    • length of the extrusion is the only measurement needed
    • labeled and tapped extrusions allow immediate assembly

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