Safety Fence Allround System

Quick access and flexible setup

Each panel can easily be installed between pre-installed fence posts by one person. For large area accessibility, e.g. equipment replacement or modifications, panels can be quickly removed and re-installed.

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  • Facts

    • 2 individually applicable systems
    • 4 standard sizes
    • Highest stability up to 80 kg at 10 km/h
  • Benefits

    • A customized solution for any application
    • Optimal price/performance ratio and short delivery times
    • Meets machinery safety standards

  • Turn-key offer

    • Included in the price and delivery: ready-to-insert, completely assembled elements (including safety fence foot and connectors between elements)
    • modular safety fence system with flat and door panels
    • standard widths from 518 mm to 1507 mm or special-width panels
    • standard height 2200 mm or special height panels
  • Ready to install

    • easy installation of fully assembled panels
    • minimum installation time
  • One Mesh Clip, many functions

    • impact rated up to 80 kg at 10 km/h
    • small number of parts
    • visually appealing design
  • High flexibility

    • quick installation of all panels
    • panels can be easily removed to gain access to machine area
    • adjustable to any angle
  • Easy installation

    • only one person required for setup
    • only one Allen wrench size needed
    • reusable components
  • Fully integrated Safety Fence System

    • uniform slot size and shape
    • completely compatible with entire Modular Automation System
    • quick and easy attachment of accessories
    • use of standard screws and standard panels
  • Save time, cut costs

    • no additional design expenses
    • simple panel selection
    • efficient one-person installation
    • simple adjustment and setup on-site
    • just one order code for the complete safety fence panels
    • easy attachment of accessories (safety switches, etc.)
  • Safety

    • complete documentation
    • meets European Machinery Safety Standards and the latest automotive industry specifications

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