The Robotunits Time-Line





Christian Beer founded Heron Sondermaschinenbau GmbH. Original core business of today's parent company: development and design of assembly lines. Today Heron is the service provider for the subsidiaries and is responsible for accounting, Human Resources and product development.








Founding of Robotunits GmbH and the launch of the Robotunits modular automation system. The design engineers developed an entirely new, user-friendly modular automation system. New distribution channels and production facilities in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Italy followed.

In the same year, the Robotunits team won the "Innovation Award of the Vorarlberg Economy" for the development of the modular automation system.


Founding of Robotunits Inc. - USA


Founding of Robotunits Pty Ltd. - Australia


Founding of Robotunits Italia S.r.l. - Italy



New building for the company headquarters "Heron Idea Factory" in Dornbirn




Opening of the “Heron Idea Factory” providing the Heron subsidiaries Robotunits, Servus Robotics, Heron CNC-Technik and Vecon with ideal conditions on a usable floor space of 6000 m².