Robotunits team - very successful at toughest team competitions in the world

The “Dolomite Man” and the “Outdoor Trophy” are amongst the toughest team competitions in the world. This extreme relay race in the disciplines of mountain biking, mountain running, paragliding and wild-water kayaking is a big challenge for the participating athletes. Each athlete in the relay race must push themselves to the limits. For Christian Beer, the managing director of Robotunits, this is why Robotunits supports a professional team: "As a former active athlete I'm amazed at what these teams can do. Also, I see similarities to our company and in particular, to the versatility and high performance of our products. Only the best team, perfect coordination and a world class product and performance can survive and succeed in a global market.

Photo Gallery Outdoortrophy 2009

Photo Gallery Dolomite Man 2008