Kindergarten "Löwenzahn und Seidenpfote"

Children become personalities. Heron showed an early interest in the issue of child welfare and in 1997 was one of the first companies in Vorarlberg to start the internal crèche "Löwenzahn und Seidenpfote". Two loving nursery nurses take care of 14 children. As far as Heron is concerned this is the ideal group size. The parents decide how often their child takes part. "It's important for us that there's no group pressure", says Bettina Beer the paedagogical head. "Those who want to, participate, those who don't go into a quiet corner where they can occupy themselves as they wish, or run around in the physical activity room. The children's individual personality is the priority. "Löwenzahn und Seidenpfote" promotes healthily self-awareness, one's own responsibility and creativity.


The Heron crèche "Löwenzahn und Seidenpfote" is located in Lustenau.



Ms Gerda Hämmerle

Holzstraße 53

6890 Lustenau

Tel.: 05577 / 86 435