PIL 1640 Extrusion  
Extrusion 16x40, length up to 6050 mm


Universally applicable, e.g.

  • signs and shelves
  • handrails, guide rails
  • MRO equipment
  • etc.

CAD online data

Extrusion 16x40, length up to 6050 mm

Technical data
  • Material: EN AW-6063-T66 clear anodized aluminum
  • Section modulus Wx: 2.9 cm3
  • Section modulus Wy: 1.0 cm3
  • Moment of inertia Ix: 5.8 cm4
  • Moment of inertia ly: 0.8 cm4
  • Area moment of inertia against torsion It: 0.6 cm4
  • Cross sectional area
    A: 323.6 mm2

Product number: Description

PIL 1640 SNN XXXX Extrusion, cut to length, M6 tapped on both ends, 15 mm deep
PIL 1640 NNN 6050 Extrusion, stock length: 6050 mm (usable length 6000 mm)

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