LIL 3008 Timing Belt RPU-8M-30-PAZ  
Timing Belt RPU-8M-30-PAZ

Power transmission from drive to carriage.

Timing Belt RPU-8M-30-PAZ

Technical data

Material: PU timing belt, white,

PAZ coating on toothed side,

Max. tensile load: 2000 N

Recommended pre-tension of timing

belt: 0.1 % = approx. 500 N pre-tension


Timing Belt Length Calculation

TL (Total Length), SL (Stroke Length),

L (Timing Belt Length):

L = 2 x TL - 152 or L = 2 x SL + 928

Product number: Description

LIL 3008 SNN XXXX Timing Belt RPU-8M-30-PAZ, cut to length

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