The Robotunits World Class Product Range

The most common characteristic of traditional product ranges is a large number of parts. Conventional thinking says the more possibilities offered, the greater the amount of parts. In contrast, Robotunits offers a World Class Product Range. The amount of parts is deliberately small yet the number of possible solutions is still very high.
To achieve this goal, Robotunits focuses on research and development of multifunctional components that are utilized throughout the entire Modular Automation System. We seek to help our customers understand our entire product range quickly, and we have made the ordering process easy and simple. Last but not least, our efficient product line reduces the storage costs of our customers to a minimum.
Less is more. In particular, this means understanding a system and knowing it so well that you are able to utilize it for all its possibilities easily achieve design objectives and minimize mistakes. With this system logistics are simplified, making your entire production process faster and easier. As a result, productivity is enhanced and costs are minimized.


 Facts Benefits
  • Fewer individual parts
  • Less inventory
  • Short training
  • More possibilities
  • More flexibility
  • Overall time savings


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