Examples of the Robotunits Conveyor Technology

Discover the smart and wide variety of opportunites that the Robotunits conveyor technology has to offer and get a feel for the many possibilities of the Robotunits Just-In-Time conveyor system, which boasts the highest flexibility, in the shortest possible delivery time.



Robotunits Gooseneck Conveyor

This custom made conveyor from Robotunits is designed to transport goods up an incline. The entire solution is based on the Robotunits Modular Automation System.


New Safety Features on all Robotunits Conveyor

Robotunits has just released a small but very effective product update for all belt conveyors. An additional stainless steel cover will be added to each side plate of the conveyor. This will minimize the gap between roller and slide deck to a distance well below the allowable standard.


The service-friendly and flexible modular belt conveyor

Our new line of Modular Belt Conveyors offers our customers yet another option to increase efficiency. You can order your individual conveyor design to exactly match your project requirements: straight lines, curves, inclines or declines will offer you full flexibility.


Robotunits Clever Automation Solutions

The core philosophy of Robotunits is simple and convincing: “More With Less”. The following custom project of an automated cutting machine illustrates the seamless integration of different product lines (conveyors, linear motion and extrusion technology) to help our customer reduce floor space, save lead time and thereby increase the bottom line on the project.


New Generation Robot Cells

Robotunits is setting new standards in the area of robot cells with their patented extrusion and connection technology. This technology guarantees lifelong vibration-proof connections and overall cell strengths comparable to welded steel frames.


Robotunits Material Buffer

With the Robotunits material buffer a very simple and cost effective solution for accumulating materials is possible.


Robotunits Corner Conveyor

With the Robotunits Automation System a corner conveyor can be easily and inexpensively realised.