The Robotunits Labelling System

The Robotunits Labeling System - Save Time - Avoid Mistakes The objective of our labeling system: Save valuable time avoid mistakes. Every delivered component from small parts to fully assembled systems is labeled with the article number and other relevant information. Your shipment is easily checked and components are directly allocated. For example there is no need to measure extrusions because the size and length is shown on the label. Many Robotunits customers are operating internationally. Robotunits products are used worldwide. Therefore we have set up a uniform, internationally applicable article numbering system for you: The ordering codes for our products are comprised of 14 alphanumeric positions. 


Each product is also identified with a family code of 3 letters. The other positions are used (if required) for dimension information (4 digits), processing information (3 letters) as well as length and surface information (4 digits).

For example: 1 profile section 40/40, standard thread cut on both sides having a length of 2 metres:


 14 alphanumeric positions

 Family code dimension  Width or area dimension  Processing information  Length in mm
 PIL  4040  SNN  2000


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