Who is my contact?

External contacts are your Sales Engineer or local distributor; internally you will be supported by your project engineer from the start of the order until it’s delivered.


Do I have to pay for the download of CAD data?

You to register online and you will get access to our CAD data base. The requested files can be downloaded free of charge.


What are the formats of the CAD files?

Robotunits CAD-Data is available for most CAD software packages.


Can I combine different Robotunits Extrusions?

All Robotunits extrusions are compatible with each other due to the same, consistent slot size.


Can I combine Robotunits Extrusions with Extrusions from other manufacturers? 

Most Robotunits components are compatible with non-Robotunits parts and can be added to existing applications.


What’s the lead time for a conveyor?

Your Express order for a customized conveyor can be shipped within one week of receiving your order.


What’s the lead time for cut extrusions?

Robotunits can ship standard cuts within 1 to 2 days.


How do I order a Robotunits catalog?

Call or email us for a catalog and a Sales Engineer will personally drop off a copy for you. Get all the information about our company, the product philosophy, the Robotunits Modular Automation System and our support and services in detail.

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