Robotunits Shipping FAQ

Robotunits Shipping FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding our shipping procedures

How do I request a shipping quote?

  • Please contact info.usa1@robotunits.com and let us know which quote/order you need a shipping quote for. All shipments outside of the lower 48 states/Canada must be set up by the customer.

If shipment is lost?

  • Please contact the carrier that the order was shipped on to try and locate it. If it can’t be located and the order was shipped on the customers account, customer would file a claim to get the cost refunded to replace the order and the shipping cost. If it is on Robotunits account, please contact info.usa1@robotunits.com, let us know the order hasn’t been received and we will conduct an investigation.

If shipment is damaged?

  • Please take as many pictures as possible to show the packaging/items damages. If the shipping was done with a customer account, they would contact the shipping company to file a claim. If it was set up with Robotunits account, please inform us ASAP and provide any documentation such as pictures and a notation on the B.O.L. from the driver (if the packaging is noticeably damaged) and we will file the claim and provide you with replacements for what is damaged.

If shipment is delivered to wrong address?

  • If the paperwork had the correct delivery address, please contact the shipping company to pick up the order for the wrong address and schedule a delivery to the correct address.

    the paperwork had the wrong ship to address on it, please contact info.usa1@robotunits.com and notify us of the mistake and we will set up the pickup/delivery to the correct address.

If shipment says delivered, but isn't?

  • Double check with your receiving area and if you have any other companies in the same building please check to make sure it wasn’t delivered to one of them by mistake.

If shimpment is incorrect (missing or wrong parts) ?

  • Please contact us at info.usa1@robotunits.com and notify us so we can send the correct parts out.

How do i get tracking or copy of Bill of Lading?

  • E-mail info.usa1@robotunits.com

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