Timing Belt Conveyors

Precise and durable in every situation

The Timing Belt Conveyors are used for the precise positioning and transportation of bulky or heavy parts. A v-guided timing belt guarantees precise tracking. The belt surface is available with different covers or attachments. High-quality connection shafts allow you to utilize multi-lane setups.

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  • Facts

    • V-guide for lateral forces
    • Multiple lane options available
    • Consistent belt tension due to patented belt tensioner
  • Benefits

    • Perfect belt tracking
    • Different conveyed goods sizes possible - subsequently adjustable and expandable
    • High process reliability, simple and cost-effective maintenance
  • Application

    • Indexing
    • Positioning
  • Standard belts

    • Accumulation (non-adhesive)
    • Medium adhesive
    • Adhesive
  • Special belts

    • Flights
    • Threaded brass inserts
    • Low friction/adhesive covers

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