Safety Fence Accessories

Multifunctional Accessories

All accessories are multifunctional and fit not only to an exactly defined component but to all other components in the entire Modular Automation System. This is the basic requirement for a World-Class product range and saves you time and money in procurement, engineering and assembly.

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  • Facts

    • Universally usable
    • Compatible with all extrusions
    • Easy to assemble
  • Benefits

    • Reduces ordering effort and storage cost
    • Retrofitting possible
    • Parts are reusable

  • Turn-key offer

    • Included in the price and delivery: ready-to-insert, completely assembled elements (including safety fence foot and connectors between elements)
    • modular safety fence system with flat and door panels
    • standard widths from 518 mm to 1507 mm or special-width panels
    • standard height 2200 mm or special height panels
  • Ready to install

    • easy installation of fully assembled panels
    • minimum installation time
  • One Mesh Clip, many functions

    • impact rated up to 80 kg at 10 km/h
    • small number of parts
    • visually appealing design
  • High flexibility

    • quick installation of all panels
    • panels can be easily removed to gain access to machine area
    • adjustable to any angle
  • Easy installation

    • only one person required for setup
    • only one Allen wrench size needed
    • reusable components
  • Fully integrated Safety Fence System

    • uniform slot size and shape
    • completely compatible with entire Modular Automation System
    • quick and easy attachment of accessories
    • use of standard screws and standard panels
  • Save time, cut costs

    • no additional design expenses
    • simple panel selection
    • efficient one-person installation
    • simple adjustment and setup on-site
    • just one order code for the complete safety fence panels
    • easy attachment of accessories (safety switches, etc.)
  • Safety

    • complete documentation
    • meets European Machinery Safety Standards and the latest automotive industry specifications

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