Linear Motion System Accessories


All accessories are multifunctional and fit not only to an exactly defined component but to all other components in the entire Modular Automation System. This is a basic requirement for a World-Class product range and saves you time in procurement, engineering and assembly.

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CAD data

  • Timing Belt Pulley LIN 5400

    Timing Belt Pulley
  • Timing Belt LIL 3008

    Timing Belt
  • Timing Belt Clamp LIN 3221

    Timing Belt Clamp
  • Idlers

  • Wrench LIN 9990

  • Guiderail LIL 5000

  • Carriage Plate LIN 1501/2001

    Carriage Plate
  • Limit Stop LIN 5191

    Limit Stop
  • Proximity Switch Bracket LIN 8201

    Proximity Switch Bracket
  • Proximity Switch LIN 8310

    Proximity Switch
  • Angle Plug with Cable LIN 8312

    Angle Plug with Cable
  • Motor Flange LIN 5241

    Motor Flange
  • Coupling

  • Driveshaft/Encoder Shaft

    Driveshaft/Encoder Shaft
  • Expanding Coupling

    Expanding Coupling
  • Encoder

  • Connection Shaft with Coupling

    Connection Shaft with Coupling
  • Facts

    • universally applicable
    • suitable for all extrusions
    • easy installation
  • Benefits

    • reduces ordering costs and storage costs
    • subsequent installation possible
    • Parts are reusable at any time

  • Cover or fasten

    • universally usable Cover or Insert Extrusion
    • fits 40 mm and 50 mm extrusions
    • suitable for mounting 4 mm to 6 mm thick panels
    • covers T-slots and protects against dust and water spray
    • suitable for cable routing
    • easy to assemble: snap in and go
  • Everything is possible with a single hinge

    • universal hinge fits all applications
    • one hinge for all doors
    • attachment of non-Robotunits components possible
  • Fine-tuning and Fastening element

    • multifunctional Fine-Tuning and Fastening Element
    • form located positioning
    • infinitely adjustable
    • post-assembly insertion possible
  • Unique clamping device allows easy attachment of parts

    • facilitates mounting of 3 mm to 10 mm thick panels without drilling
    • clamping device is quickly mounted by inserting it into the slot
    • no drilling of panels required
    • parts can be reused
    • fits 40 mm and 50 mm extrusions
  • Safety interlocks: quick and secure installation

    • quick and safe installation without the need for additional parts
    • fits 40 mm and 50 mm extrusions
    • easy to install and adjust
    • no drilling or preparing of extrusions needed
    • IP65 protection class in accordance with TEC 529
  • Save time, cut cost

    • multifunctional accessories reduce your cost of ordering and your inventory overhead
    • standard labeling saves even more time in assembly and storage

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