Conveyor Technology Accessories

Accessories are multifunctional and compatible with the entire Modular Automation System

Small details can have a big impact on the entire system. At Robotunits we believe in the benefits of lean manufacturing, which means multifunctional components to reduce your number of parts needed. This leads to cost savings and an increase in efficiency. You can use the Conveyor Accessories for all conveyor systems or for any other application within the Modular Automation System.

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CAD data

  • 24V Motor

    24V Motor
  • Roller Retainer PIN 453__

    Roller Retainer
  • Speed Controller CCN 0004

    Speed Controller
  • Connection Hub COP 4501

    Connection Hub
  • Splined Shaft COL 8500

    Splined Shaft
  • Tilt Plate 80 TIN 4561

    Tilt Plate 80
  • Tilt Plate 80 Bent TIN 4571

    Tilt Plate 80 Bent
  • Connection Shaft with Couplings COL 52_0

    Connection Shaft with Couplings
  • Fine-Tuning and Fixing Element TIN 4501

    Fine-Tuning and Fixing Element
  • Safety Fence Floor Bracket BAP 205__

    Safety Fence Floor Bracket
  • Anchor Bolt BAP 2900

    Anchor Bolt
  • Leveling Bases

    Leveling Bases
  • Castors

  • Facts

    • Universally usable
    • Compatible with the entire Modular Automation System
    • Easy to assemble
  • Nutzen

    • Simplifies the ordering process and saves storage costs
    • Retrofitting possible
    • Parts can be reused

The unique benefits of the Just-In-Time Conveyor Technology

Fast delivery and exceptional time savings: The Robotunits Conveyor Technology provides the ideal solution for your application.

  • Impressive delivery times

    • production time for your individual Belt Conveyor: 1 week
    • Just-In-Time delivery
  • Custom-made sizes

    • select any standard frame width between 40 mm and 1200 mm
    • select any conveyor length up to 12 m, longer units available upon request
    • pre-assembled and height adjustable legs as an option
    • fast adjustments to meet your individual requirements
  • Flexibility in drive options and positions

    • choose drive option and position of motor
    • maintenance-free timing belt drive
    • space saving direct drive
  • Speed

    • standard speed ranges from 2.6 m/min to 58 m/min
    • higher speeds available upon request
    • Speed Controller optional
  • Idler options

    • roller diameters of 40 mm, 50 mm or 80 mm
    • nose bar (16 mm diameter) for transfer of small parts
  • Wide variety of belts

    • accumulation belt
    • low & high friction belts
    • high durability belts for abrasive and corrosive use
  • Fully integrated conveyor system

    • compatible with all our extrusion sizes
    • frame built with standard extrusion system
    • accessible T-slot on 3 sides of the conveyor frame
    • this makes it quick and easy to attach accessories or structural elements (i.e. stops) to the machine frame
  • Save time, cut cost

    • shortest lead time
    • quick configuration of your custom conveyor
    • every Belt Conveyor comes fully assembled and tested
    • outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Safety

    • self-adjusting safety guard between the Belt Conveyor roll and the slider bed
    • timing belt guard with window for visual inspection
    • complete documentation meeting the latest Machinery Directive

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