Explore How Our Linear Motion Units Save Manufacturing Time and Costs

Explore How Our Linear Motion Units Save Manufacturing Time and Costs

Let's discuss how Robotunits Linear Motion Technology can serve you...

A Fully Integrated Linear Motion System

Linear motion is one aspect of machine design that can benefit from modular components. For example, our Linear Motion System features a robust, modular construction, making it well-suited for many automated manufacturing applications. It is based on our 50-millimeter aluminum Extrusion and Fastening Technology, which is compatible with our other systems thanks to a common 14-millimeter T-slot and strong, proprietary Fastening Technology. This feature makes it easy to connect our Linear Motion System to our conveyors, material handling systems, safety fencing and machine frames.



Our standard Linear Motion Units are available with a single or double carriage, and you can attach the energy chain directly to the carriage without an additional component. For advanced applications, you can also use Omega Linear Motion Units as an individual device or X-Y-Z gantry to move and position parts with precision. Other features of our Linear Motion System include the following:



• The extrusion has an integrated belt return inside, while three sides of the extrusion can accommodate additional attachments


• You can use single or double idlers, depending on the load. The idler extrusion features a special captive design for high strength


• The units’ durable construction elements include large rollers


• Single and multiple guide rails are available


• Almost limitless combinations are possible




Thanks to their robust and modular construction, our Linear Motion System delivers the following benefits when building a Modular Automation System:



• Easy choice of components and ordering


• Minimal design time required


• Easy installation and assembly


• Quick and easy attachment of accessories


• Fewer replacement parts to stock




Modular Automation Systems Save Time and Money

Our Linear Motion System is just one example of how you can save time and money by using modular components in your production systems. Future blog posts in our series will offer additional examples, highlighting the broad range of applications that are ideal for our Modular Automation Systems.



For more information about our Linear Motion System, visit our product page.

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