We would like to introduce you to a new channel partner for Robotunits. EandM, the west coast leader in automation operating out of California, Oregon and Washington. They are a company with a deep family lineage. They began their journey in California in 1955 by grandfather Mario and his son Edgar Deas– hence EandM – and now continue via the 3rd generation in President Steve Deas as well as his brother CFO Paul Deas.

They started as an electric motor repair facility working mainly in the lumber industry. Building machines for lumber mills, and working on electric driven equipment as well as designing builds and infrastructure. They built their company around small lot delivery directly to their customers. After adopting a line of programmable controllers, the company grew from primarily contracting and delved further into electrical / industrial automation.

Today they operate as a full electrical / industrial distribution company, selling finely engineered products. They help facilitate sales of their products by transferring their knowledge and offering assistance in the integration of their products.

Now they are also able to aid with Robotunits knowledge and products. Like Robotunits they share a vision of quality through simplicity. We are excited to bring them into the fold and show how your solutions can be met through joint effort. They can serve in the cutting and tapping of Robotunits extrusions, and getting them in your hands.

We look forward to seeing a flourishing relationship and overall aiding you in your projects.


Check out part of a presentation recently given by EandM themselves regarding their involvement of Robotunits below! Take a look at some insight into what EandM and Robotunits can do for you!



See their locations below and follow through to their website to find and contact them for anything you may need.





Contact Information:

• Phone: (866) 693-2636

• Email: Marketing@eandm.com


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