24V Drive

24V Drive
New Product

Here we introduce the new 24V drive – an energy-efficient drive option in our Modular Automation System. The brushless DC motor (BLDC) is particularly suited as a direct drive for your slow speed applications. A highlight is its compact size which works seamlessly with our flat belt and timing belt conveyor program. The wide speed range of this 24V Drive offers you great flexibility.

A special feature of this drive option is the included motor controller with adjustable current limitation to be mounted in a control box. It can be directly accessed via your PLC. The 24V Drive corresponds to the worldwide standard. Meaning Robotunits maintains fastest delivery times: standard conveyors with 24V drive are ready to ship 5 working days after receipt of the order.


Your Benefits:

  • Brushless 24V DC motor (BLDC), motor control for control cabinet assembly included
  • Speed is individually adjustable, very slow conveying speeds possible
  • Small space requirement due to compact size, motor can be used in many ways
  • Worldwide standard, fastest delivery times (from 5 working days)


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Belt conveyor belt with 24V drive

Timing belt conveyor with 24V drive

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