Timing Belt Conveyors

Precise and durable in every situation

The Timing Belt Conveyors are used for precise placement and positioning as well as for the transportation of bulky or heavy parts. A v-guided timing belt guarantees perfect tracking. The belt surface is available with different covers or toolings. High-quality connection shafts allow you to connect single-lane conveyors to multi-lane setups.

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  • Facts

    • V-guide for lateral forces
    • Multiple lane options available
    • Consistent belt tension due to patented belt tensioner
  • Benefits

    • Perfect belt tracking
    • Different conveyed goods sizes possible - subsequently adjustable and expandable
    • High process reliability, simple and cost-effective maintenance
  • Application

    • IndexingPositioning
  • Standard belts

    • Accumulation (non-adhesive)
    • Medium adhesive
    • Adhesive
  • Special belts

    • FlightsThreaded brass insertsLow friction or adhesive covers

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