Powered Roller Conveyors

Customized and ready for immediate use

The Powered Roller Conveyors are 24V conveyors for precise and efficient transportation of containers, totes or boxes. Ideal for zero-pressure accumulation, each zone can be controlled separately. The control units are pre-installed inside the extrusion, covered and ready to use (plug-and-play).

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CAD data

  • Powered Roller Conveyor Straight R5S

    Powered Roller Conveyor Straight
    • 24 V drive roller
    • Galvanized steel rollers
    • Poly-V-belt power transmission
    CAD Data
  • Powered Roller Conveyor Curved R5C

    Powered Roller Conveyor Curved
    • 24 V drive roller
    • Galvanized steel rollers with plastic coating
    • Poly-V-belt power transmission
  • Transfer Unit 90° R5T

    Transfer Unit 90°
    • 90 degree transfer of products in various sizes. It can be integrated into any zone of a Powered Roller Conveyor Straight.
  • Turntable R5R

    • Correctly positioned turning of products in various sizes
  • Facts

    • Fully integrated controls (plug and play)
    • Fully compatible with the Robotunits Modular Automation System, accessible 14 mm T-slot for additions
    • Poly-V-belt power transmission
  • Benefits

    • Easy and quick setup
    • Maximum flexibility
    • No additional protective guard necessary
  • Application

    • Indexing
    • Zero-pressure accumulation
    • Positioning
  • Drive roller

    • 24 V DC motor
    • Speeds 10 - 30 m/min
    • Temperature range from +2°C to +40°C
  • Standard dimensions

    • Roller spacing 80 mm, 105 mm, 160 mm
    • Frame width 390 mm, 690 mm
    • Width of product to be conveyed 300 mm, 600 mm
    • Standard length ≤ 6,000 mm

The unique benefits of the Just-In-Time Conveyor Technology

Fast delivery and exceptional time savings: The Robotunits Conveyor Technology provides the ideal solution for your application.

  • Impressive delivery times

    • production time for your individual Belt Conveyor: 1 week
    • Just-In-Time delivery
  • Custom-made sizes

    • select any standard frame width between 40 mm and 1200 mm
    • select any conveyor length up to 12 m, longer units available upon request
    • pre-assembled and height adjustable legs as an option
    • fast adjustments to meet your individual requirements
  • Flexibility in drive options and positions

    • choose drive option and position of motor
    • maintenance-free timing belt drive
    • space saving direct drive
  • Speed

    • standard speed ranges from 2.6 m/min to 58 m/min
    • higher speeds available upon request
    • Speed Controller optional
  • Idler options

    • roller diameters of 40 mm, 50 mm or 80 mm
    • nose bar (16 mm diameter) for transfer of small parts
  • Wide variety of belts

    • accumulation belt
    • low & high friction belts
    • high durability belts for abrasive and corrosive use
  • Fully integrated conveyor system

    • compatible with all our extrusion sizes
    • frame built with standard extrusion system
    • accessible T-slot on 3 sides of the conveyor frame
    • this makes it quick and easy to attach accessories or structural elements (i.e. stops) to the machine frame
  • Save time, cut cost

    • shortest lead time
    • quick configuration of your custom conveyor
    • every Belt Conveyor comes fully assembled and tested
    • outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Safety

    • self-adjusting safety guard between the Belt Conveyor roll and the slider bed
    • timing belt guard with window for visual inspection
    • complete documentation meeting the latest Machinery Directive

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