Modular Belt Conveyors

Straight sections, curves and inclines with a single drive

The Modular Belt Conveyor for rough operation, transporting cut parts or heavy-duty loads. Straight sections, curves and inclines can be combined as required with just one drive. A lean design allows the goods to be pushed off or stowed sideways. A wide range of attachments and coatings available.

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  • Facts

    • Flexible layout
    • Modular belt catenary sag with safety cover
    • Belt guide and sprocket ensure belt tracking
  • Benefits

    • Combinations of straight, curved and inclined sections possible - great flexibility
    • No pinch areas
    • Lateral push-off of product possible, low maintenance effort
  • Application

    • Accumulation conveying
    • Ascending conveyor tasks
    • Transporting heavy-duty loads
    • Conveying cut pieces
  • Belt design

    • Individually coated
    • Carrier
    • Griptop
    • Bar
    • Cross bars
  • Standard

    • Standard widths
    • Direct head drive or belt drive
    • Speeds from 6 to 50 m/min (straight section)

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