Robotunits Fördertechnik

Robotunits - The Modular Automation System - More with Less - Your Profit

Robotunits develops, manufactures and delivers high quality extrusion and conveyor technology as well as safety fence and linear motion systems for material handling and assembly applications. The idea of the Robotunits modular automation system is to use the least possible number of components to offer a maximum of possible solutions. For Robotunits customers, this translates into time and cost savings in design, logistics, storage, training and assembly.


Product Highlights of the Robotunits Modular Automation System:

Robotunits-Foerdertechnik  The Just-In-Time Belt Conveyor System
Robotunits-Schutzzaunsysteme  Easily constructed Safety Fence System
Robotunits-Verbindungstechnik  The Custom-Made Linear Motion System
Robotunits-Profiltechnik  The Smart Profile Extrusion Technology
Robotunits-Verbindungstechnik  The Strong Fastening Technology
Robotunits-Zubehoer  Multifunctional Accessories